STEP #1: Sex Stamina Training Basics
This section the the minimum reading required to understand this guide. It outlines the basics required for training for stamina with a male sex toy.
STEP #2: The Myth Of Penis Size
This section discusses and debunks the myth of having a 'big dick'. It makes a case for why you shouldn't make your penis size an issue. You'll do fine! Trust me!
STEP #3: Understanding & Replicating Passionate Sex Stamina
This section discusses passionate sex versus simply 'pounding away'. Creating a passionate setting in your encounters is an absolute MUST.
STEP #4: Training Failures With Toys
This section is a quick recap of where you might fail if you're new at stamina training with sex toys. Avoid making the same mistakes I made!
STEP #5My First Two REAL Weeks of Training - Techniques & Detailed Statistical Breakdown A detailed recap of my first two weeks of training for stamina, including 'how long I lasted' daily statistics. 
STEP #6: My Second Week of Training - The Product Switch-Up & Statistics
A detailed recap of my last two weeks of training for stamina with sex toys, including 'how long I lasted' daily statistics for these last 2 weeks.
STEP #7: The LIve Sex Stamina Test & Final Outcome
The final outcome that I'm almost ashamed to share with you. Includes one embarrassing detail of how I tested my theory in real life.


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